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web based education tool
Web based education tool

All calculators and other interactive tools found on this page are also found within the according section in the program and are displayed here for easier access, only.

Please open the calculators by simply clicking on the preview icon, or use the hyperlink below the icon to view the calculator/interactive tool within its original context.

Inhalation devices

» Aerosol generation from nebulizers » Aerosol generation from pMDIs » Aerosol generation from DPIs
» Feedback mechanisms of Novolizer® » Sagital section through Novolizer® » Particle deposition in the respiratory tract

Respiratory tract

»3-D model of the oropharyngeal area » 3-D model of the larynx » Bronchoscopic film
» 3-D model of the lung » 3-D model of the tracheobronchial system » CT-reconstruction of the lung
» Flow through respiratory tract » Resistance and flow profile


» Histology of the trachea » Histology of the
bronchial system
» Histology of alveoli
» Pathohistology of bronchial walls


» Prevalence data of asthma » Asthma disease control