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Disclaimer: No guarantee. ADMIT has created this database with a great amount of care. The contents are based on values provided by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, ADMIT cannot accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness, and/or currency of the contents. Should any changes take place to the products mentioned here or should any new products become available for purchase on the market that should/could be recorded in this database, please notify ADMIT (in conjunction with an appropriate source/ literary evidence). ADMIT will be more than happy to add this to the database after validating the information.

Patient feedback of dose taken
Dose counter
Dose counter measuring inhalations actually taken
Accurate and consistent dose delivery
FPF air flow rate independence
Achievable IFR
Device resistance
Minimum FR controlled to achieve adequate lung deposition?
Advance warning of last dose
Protection from ambient humidity
Device lock-out
Lactose carrier (taste feedback)
Number of doses

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