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Wide range of patient compliance with asthma treatment

Compliance of patients with prescribed treatment varies over a wide range. A review on patient compliance, devices and inhalation technique revealed that patients took the recommended doses of medication on 20 to 73% of days. Underuse was more common than overuse with 24 to 69% of patients applying too little and 2 to 23% of patients taking their medication too frequently. Average compliance assessed as the ratio of doses taken to doses prescribed ranged from 63% to 92%. Higher compliance rates were mostly observed in patients having received an intensive education program.

Only one large post-marketing surveillance study has been conducted in asthmatics yet. These kind of studies mimic the conditions present in every day treatment and may be more useful concerning treatment decisions in "normal" patients. In this open trial including over 3000 asthmatics patient compliance regarding the treatment with 200 µg budesonide twice daily administered via the Novolizer® was evaluated according to physicians' assessment.

Compliance was assessed to be good in 84% of patients, satisfactory in 14% and not satisfactory in 2%. An improvement in compliance by the feedback mechanisms of the Novolizer® was observed in 80% of the patients. Patients appeared to be highly satisfied with the feedback and control mechanisms of the Novolizer® 97% with optical feedback, 94% with acoustic feedback, 78% with taste feedback, 92% with dose counter and 81% with overdose prevention.


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Percentage of patients making at least one (critical) error using an inhalation device

Compliance Data

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