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Characteristics of the Jethaler® dry powder inhaler

The Jethaler® generates aerosol by cutting the metered dose of drug from a densely packed powder block just before inhalation. Then with an inspiratory flow rate of about 30 l/min a flow of over 100 l/min is achieved within the device. This results in the formation of very fine particles, which cannot agglomerate before released into the respiratory tract.

Thus particles small enough to reach the lungs resulting in a good lung deposition are generated even by relatively low inspiratory flow rates. With an inspiratory flow rate of 30 l/min 22% of the metered dose are deposited in the lungs increasing to 26% with a flow of 60 l/min. However coordination between release of the cutter and inhalation is necessary to attain best results. Therefore space of time while shaping the powder is marked by an acoustic signal.

The Jethaler® is approved for budesonide (Budesonid-ratiopharm®).



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Correct use of the Jethaler®

Slightly turn and lift off the cover from the mouthpiece.
Hold the inhaler upright and twist the bottom grip clockwise as far as it will go.
Breathe out slowly and relaxed.
Raise the inhaler to your mouth and close lips tightly around the mouthpiece.
Breathe in constantly and slowly until the scrabbling noise stops.
Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds whilst taking the inhaler out of your mouth at the same time.
Breathe out slowly preferably through the nose or with pursed lips breathing.

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