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Correct use of the Novolizer®

Using the inhaler always keep it horizontal.
Remove the cap by lightly pressing together at the sides and sliding forwards in the direction of the arrow.
Push down hard on the red button until it reaches the stop. You will hear a loud click and the colour of the control window will change from red to green. Then release the red button.
Breathe out deeply, but NOT into the powder inhaler.
Put your lips around the mouthpiece and inhale with a deep breath. During this breath you should hear a loud click, indicating that you have achieved adequate force for a correct inhalation. Please continue inhaling as forcefully and deeply as possible.
Then hold your breath for a few seconds whilst removing the inhaler from your mouth.
Breathe out through the nose.

Feedback mechanisms activated after successful inhalation through the Novolizer®

This is an animated model of a sagittal section through the Novolizer® showing the feedback mechanisms activated after successful or unsuccessful inhalation. Choose one of the buttons "inspiratory flow rate < 35 l/min" or "inspiratory flow rate > 35 l/min" to start the film.

Video: Correct use of the Novolizer®

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