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Construction parts of the Novolizer® involved during dosing and inhalation

The relevant parts of the Novolizer involved in dose admeasurement and powder inhalation are shown in the 3-D model. Pressing down the red dosage button moves the dosing channel backwards releasing powder into the dosing chamber. Simultaneously the tapper knocks against the cartridge – indicated by a noisy double click –, so that the powder sinks together and air escapes from the dosing chamber avoiding imprecise dosing. At the same time the colour in the signal window changes from red to green indicating that the inhaler is now ready for inhalation.

When inhalation starts the metered dose of powder moves through the powder channel leading to the cyclone. The cyclone is a very effective desaggregation system, which improves separation of particles, releases the aerosol at the mouth piece in laminar flow to minimise oropharyngeal deposition and generates particles small enough to reach distal parts of the lung. The function of the cyclone is relatively independent of air flow at rates of > 35 l/min regarding the average particle size (2.1 to 2.9 µm).

Route of powder through the Novolizer® during activation and inhalation

This is an animated model of a sagittal section through the Novolizer® showing the drug route through the device – from activation to inhalation. Using the operating panel at the bottom of the screen window enables you to stop and start the movie any time. Additionally the slider can be shifted to move to a certain film section.

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