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Characteristics of the HandiHaler® dry powder inhaler

Handihaler® Despite a high intrinsic resistance the HandiHaler® can be successfully used by patients, who are not able to generate high inspiratory flows. In clinical studies it was shown that even patients with severe airway obstruction were able to achieve the required minimal inspiratory flow rate.

With inspiratory flow rates of 20 to 60 l/min the HandiHaler® releases consistently between 55-60% of the metered dose. The fraction of particles smaller than 5.6µm ranges from 20% at an inspiratory flow of 20 l/min to 25% at a flow of 60 l/min.

Due to the high sensitivity of tiotropiumbromide to humidity the HandiHaler® has to be loaded with a single drug capsule before each use. During inhalation the capsule vibrates which can be noticed acoustically.

The Handihaler® is approved for tiotropiumbromide (Spiriva®).


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Correct use of the HandiHaler®

Open the dust cap by pulling it upwards. Then open the mouthpiece.
Place a capsule in the centre chamber.
Close the mouthpiece firmly until you hear a click. Leave the dust cap open.
Hold the inhaler with the mouthpiece upwards, press the piercing button completely in once and release.
Breathe out completely.
Raise the inhaler to your mouth and close lips tightly around the mouthpiece.
Keep your head upright and breathe in slowly and deeply, but at a rate sufficient to hear the capsule vibrate, until your lungs are full.
Hold your breath as long as is comfortable whilst taking the inhaler out of your mouth at the same time.
Resume normal breathing.
To ensure you get a full dose repeat the last 5 steps once again (starting with "breathe out completely")
Then open the mouthpiece again and tip out the used capsule.
Close mouthpiece and dust cap.

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