Why ADMIT? | Recent and current ADMIT activities

Recent and current ADMIT activities

  • Presentations at Congresses

    • International Congresses
    • National Congresses
    • ADMIT Conferences
      • 1st European ADMIT Conference on inhalation devices in asthma and COPD,
        Florence 2008
    • Web Symposium Asthma, Allergy and COPD live on sympo-on@ir.com, June 9th 2009

  • Publications

    • Achieving asthma control: the key role of inhalers.
      Federico Lavorini on behalf of ADMIT, 2008
    • ADMIT Serie "Issues in Inhalation Therapy" in Prim Care Respir
      1. The goals of asthma treatment: can they be achieved?
        Dekhuijzen et al. 2007
      2. Improving technique and clinical effectiveness
        Broeders et al. 2009
      3. Mild persistent asthma: the case for inhaled corticosteroid therapy
        Corrigan et al. 2009
      4. How to choose inhaler devices for the treatment of COPD
        Vincken et al. 2009
    • Lavorini F, et al. Respir Med. 2008 Apr; 102 (4): 593-604.

  • Roundtable Discussion Medical Tribune, May 2009

  • ADMIT Annual Newsletter

  • Webpage www.admit-online.info for patients and medical professionals

  • Disease and therapy based information for patients and Health Care Professionals considering inhalation and device issues available in various languages

  • Overview of most common devices

  • Video with recommendation for patients "how to use most common devices"

  • GP survey with the aim to capture the process of selecting inhaler devices

  • Service Tools for medical professionals

    • Slide kit for medical professionals
    • CD Rom "Inhalation Therapy in Asthma" with interactive tools
    • Infoflyer for patients

  • ADMIT recommendations

    • Recommendation for therapy adjustment
    • Recommendations for inhaler choice and correct inhalation technique

  • Criteria based inhaler device search database

  • Overview of most common device availability in concerned countries

  • Inhalers: DOs and DON'Ts per device

  • General recommendations for correct usage of pMDIs and DPIs

  • Different handling pMDI / DPI

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