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Characteristics of the Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler® dry powder inhaler

Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler® With a low intrinsic resistance the Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler® releases already 70% of the metered dose at an inspiratory flow of 28 l/min. However under these conditions the is fairly large with an average value of 7.9 µm. Increasing the flow to 40 l/min the average particle size decreases to 4.4 µm but further increase of flow results in only slight reduction of particle size.

The Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler® is a single dose system using gelatine capsules for drug formulation. Inhalation procedure has to be repeated several times before the capsule is completely emptied possibly leading to inaccurate dosing during inhalation. Since after each usage a new capsule needs to be inserted treatment with the Aerolizer is not very convenient for the patient.

Drugs approved for use with the Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler® include budesonide (Miflonide®), formoterol (Foradil®), beclomethasone (Becotide®, Miflasone®) and salbutamol (Sultanol®).


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Correct use of the Aerolizer®/Cyclohaler®

Remove the cap.
Hold the inhaler at base and turn the mouthpiece in direction of the arrow.
Place a capsule in the compartment in base of the inhaler.
Twist the mouthpiece to closed position.
Hold the inhaler upright, squeezing two blue buttons inwards on base of inhaler to pierce the capsule, then release.
Breathe out fully.
Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth, sealing lips and teeth around mouthpiece.
Inhale quickly and deeply.
Hold your breath for count of ten, or as long as is comfortable.
Breathe out gently.
Discard capsule from the compartment in the base of the inhaler.
Replace the cap.

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