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Shortness of breath

"Shortness of breath" is the body's cry for more oxygen! The lungs are not always the cause for shortness of breath. There are a whole series of causes:

  1. The air contains too little oxygen. Think of being at great altitudes.
  2. Not enough air reaches the alveoli. Narrow respiratory passages, for example, are responsible for this.
  3. Exchange of the respective gases in the alveoli is obstructed.
  4. The lungs have become stiff (very rare)
  5. Fluid is between pleural and costal pleura the lung have not enough place in the thorax to expand and get air into the lungs.
  6. The blood contains too few red blood cells (anaemia). The "trucks" for transporting oxygen are missing.
  7. The heart is weak and the blood cannot be pumped quickly enough.
  8. The blood vessels are diseased and narrowed. The typical disturbance to blood circulation. In the case of a cardiac infarction or a stroke cells die because they are simply not provided with enough blood and thus oxygen.
  9. The person is breathing smoke - the poisons in cigarette or cigar smoke reduces the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen.
  10. When for any reason the lungs have become scarred and stiff because disease or even allergy