Inhalation systems | Features of available devices

Features of available devices

Inhaled medications for asthma and COPD are available as

  • pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs),
  • breath-actuated MDIs,
  • dry powder inhalers (DPIs),
  • Nebulizers.

Inhaler devices differ in their efficiency of drug delivery to the lower respiratory tract, depending on the form of the device, formulation of medication, particle size, velocity of the aerosol cloud or plume (where applicable), and ease with which the device can be used by the majority of patients. Individual patient preference, convenience, and ease of use may influence not only the efficiency of drug delivery but also patient adherence to treatment and long-term control.

The inhalation device play a substantial role for the treatment success

  • Incorrect use of inhalers leads to minimal therapeutic benefit [1]
  • In the future, inhaler devices are likely to become more important than the development of new drugs [2]
  • Inhaler misuse severely compromises asthma control [3]

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