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DOs and DON'Ts per Device

The current use of inhalers is crucial for threatment success. This section contains a list of things you should do (DOs) and things you should'nt do (DON'Ts) when using specific inhalation devices. It covers items known from practice to be the most important and most likely to be forgotten or performed incorrectly by patients.

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Recent and current ADMIT activities

  • Overview of most common devices
  • Video with recommendation for patients
    "how to use most common devices"
  • Asthma therapy adjustment
  • COPD therapy adjustment

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Inhalation devices - Mouse over to see DOs and DON'Ts for the different devices

NovolizerTwisthalerTurbuhalerSpinhalerPulvinalpMDIJethalerHandihalerEasyhalerEasi BreatheDiskusDiskhalerAerolizer / CyclohalerClickhalerAutohalerAerohaler

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